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"Parisudham"- the word translates Malayalam to Purity. Our name has become synonymous with Purity when it comes to some of the finest household brands. Purity is not only a product quality for us. At the core of our belief and all the activities of Parisudham Group, the philosophy of purity permeates. Driven by the desire for perfection and led by a vision to provide quality products inspired by nature, Parisudham Group since 1988 lives by the principle of purity in all its everyday business activities.

Our manufacturing processes go through stringent quality checks and we believe in organic treatments that provide the consumer with pure and healthy oil and oil-related products for daily use. Right from the collection of raw coconut from farms in Kerala, we ensure adherence to zero adulteration or chemically induced results.

How we do it?

Parisudham believes in delivering the Right Product at the Right Price and the Right Point. A consumer is at the heart of our business and providing them with the right product solution comes first. For this reason, all our products are delivered near to the consumer under the umbrella brand- Parisudham. Under this name, we provide myriads of products like Coconut Oil, Refined Ricebran Oil, Refined Palmolein, Lamp Oil, Packaged Drinking Water, Club Soda, Pure Ghee, Almonds, Tea, Floor Cleaner etc.

By diversification into allied product categories and keeping our belief in the quality we utilise all resources and increase efficiency by reducing wastage. This way we provide multitudes of substitute solutions in food and other household products for the consumer.

We inculcate and nurture the spirit of innovation. Discovering and developing new ideas, product plans, new market development and product strategies has helped us maintain our goodwill and place in the market.

Branding and Badging Solution

Co-branding is one such strategy wherein two or more brands strategically partner to form exactly a fresh and exciting marketing strategy.

Business Strategy and Values

The sevenfold value system of Parisudham are:

For us, the customer comes first. They are the voice of the brand. All our efforts are aligned to meet their needs. Employees are the brand ambassadors of the organisation. From the top management to the consumer-facing field force, our staff breathe the Parisudham value. This way the quality or purity is not only in the products we deliver but also in our daily work.

An unhappy customer is like a dent in our beliefs and principles. Parisudham Value maintains that all grievances of the customer must be resolved in the least time and their needs to be met swiftly. Brand loyalty is paramount and customer retention is a primary focus.

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